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Take a selfie & Make a Difference

We wanted to establish an organization that can support civilians and veterans at the same time, not focus on one or another.


So, we founded APTSDA.

PTSD is Serious!

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

To learn more, find our mission, vision, and values at the bottom of the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cause? 

Our organization works to fight PTSD and brings support to the sufferers. We create communities in which civilians and veterans can form group therapies and connect with psychologists around the world. We raise awareness and make sure people understand the seriousness of PTSD.  We promote research studies, educate our audience, run coping workshops and more to prevent and reduce the suicide rate caused by PTSD. 

What is the fundraising for? 

American PTSD Association is a nonprofit organization that relays on public donations to survive. In this fundraising, we will establish the APTSDA organization and will be able to involve volunteers to produce more educational content, reach out to those in their darkest moments and bring them hope. This YouCaring fundraising makes our dream come true and will enable us to take one more step further toward saving one more life and prevent another PTSD caused suicide.

What do I have to do? 

Take a selfie holding up a sign that says one of the following messages:

  • "I Support American PTSD Association"

  • "Support APTSDA"

  • "PTSD awareness."

  • "Please Donate!"

Can I participate even though I don't have PTSD?

Yes, absolutely!

Where do I submit my photo?

Send it to or go here and submit it online.


Any questions or concerns? Please email us at contact@aptsda@org

Deadline for selfie submission:

September 30th.

PTSD Statistics
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