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Advocating for those suffering from PTSD

Previously known as HelpThemRise

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Our primary mission is fourfold:

Our primary mission is to advocate for PTSD sufferers, especially those who are debilitated by this illness that they are unemployed and unable to access mental health care. Also to raise awareness about the serious consequences of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by way of events and public appearances; to develop instructional programs designed to help those suffering with PTSD cope with their symptoms; and to provide educational scholarships to children who have lost a parent suffering from PTSD.

Our VIsion beyond awareness 

Through our efforts, we envision a society that collectively recognizes the symptoms of PTSD and that creates the necessary safety nets so that those who are experiencing the symptoms – and their families – can find hope and help wherever they live.

Our goal is to create a community for sufferers, educate their relatives, and to provide resources for PTSD related research to scientists.

We live by our values

APTSDA is founded based on the following values:

  • Care for all

  • Collaboration in our community

  • Commitment to excellence and diversity 

  • Compassion for innovation 

  • Integrity beyond reproach 

  • Respect for people, communities, and cultures

  • Special Attention to the underserved

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