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Amir M. Hasani

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Amir received his masters degree in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University and currently is working at NIH as a postbacc researcher. He has served his community through his previous fundraising attempts helping the homeless and volunteering as a first responder, EMT, at Great Falls fire station in Virginia for 5 years. He lost his beloved uncle to PTSD in 2015, and decided to dedicate his time to raise awareness and advocate for those suffering from PTSD. His previous community and leadership experiences inspired him to make a use of his acquired skills to speak up and take action toward un-stigmatizing discussions around mental health issues specifically PTSD.

Navid Hasani

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Navid Hasani attended University of California Irvine for his B.S in Biological Sciences and received his Masters degree in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University. He is currently working as a medical scribe in Orange, CA and plans to pursue a career as a physician. Navid understands the importance of mental health through his involvement in free clinics, food shelters, homeless mentorship programs, and hospice and palliative care organizations. After losing a close family member to PTSD, he was inspired dedicate his time and effort  to advocating and raising awareness for those who suffer mental illnesses and joined the APSTDA team.

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