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Amir M. Hasani


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Amir is a medical student at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He received his masters degree in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University and currently is working at NIH as a postbacc researcher.

Amir has served his community through his previous fundraising attempts helping the homeless community, and volunteering as a first responder at Great Falls fire station, Virginia from 2013 to 2018. At 2021, he cofounded, StreetTalk organization to bring the homeless community closer to the EVMS healthcare team. He founded American PTSD Association in 2015 after a tragic event. 

He lost his beloved uncle to PTSD in 2015, and decided to dedicate his time to raise awareness and advocate for those suffering from PTSD. His previous community and leadership experiences inspired him to make a use of his acquired skills to speak up and take action toward un-stigmatizing discussions around mental health issues specifically PTSD.


Ron Blake


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Ron Blake is a blue-collar male rape survivor overcoming PTSD on a most unusual journey. It all began with an unexpected moment of laughter he had on a suicidal night.  

He’s been on a now six-year full-time cross-country odyssey that’s involved meeting 32,071 total strangers one by one. Those individuals wrote their amazing stories in 94 languages with 27 Sharpie marker colors of how they’ve been impacted by PTSD on 494 giant foam poster boards.  

Blake gave a TEDx talk about this journey of recovery with a symbolic goal of becoming a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Where he will one day present the massive display of artwork. The colorful collection of stories represents that no one is alone in overcoming trauma and PTSD. 

Three talented and dedicated students at Arizona State University produced an Emmy nominated documentary about Blake’s innovative recovery from PTSD. It’s called The Blake Project on YouTube. Hopefully it provides hope and inspiration for others overcoming traumas.

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