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There are a fews ways to contribute to APTSDA:


Whether you have a question or an answer, you could save someone's life. Start a conversation!

General Discussions

Discuss any PTSD related topic and start an engaging conversation.

Signs and Symptoms

Do you have a PTSD symptom? do you know how to overcome it? Do you want to learn? Read this category.

Suicide Prevention

How do you prevent suicidal thoughts or attemps? How about self-harm? How do you manage them?

Treatment Discussions

Is there any treatment that has worked for you? Any treatment that doesn't work? Any scientific updates? New treatment?

IAAC Members

Every Awareness Agent creates a thread and write montly updates of his or her activities.

Hot Topics

Women are affected by PTSD more than men or vice versa? How to overcome the stigma surrounding PTSD? Challenge everyone!
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