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PTSD: Can you Manage it? - Part 2

Welcome back! We are back to answering the question,

PTSD Recovery

First, before we go any further, I want to share with you everything I write is from my own experience. I have not conferred with a therapist or counselor on my material. Since I’m not one of those, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get their input. They serve in other ways for the healing process and I’m so thankful for their gifts & callings. I mean, they sit and listen to people share about their lives every single week. A very one sided situation. Whew!

So, what is this series all about? It’s an account of how I went from paralyzing mental fear to true freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days and life situations threaten another relapse. However, what’s different now from a year ago is I have tools and resources to help me out of the darkness, navigate the uncertainty, and connect with my true self.

Last week we discussed finding a belief outside of yourself. Have you found one? If so, did you take the next step and commit?

✓Make a Commitment

Commitment after tragedy is really difficult. I ran from my commitment for a month before I finally gave in and decided to be a part of it. There are a couple other steps in the process….but to keep it concise….I committed to a dream my mom had for her family and then I applied for a job when asked to do so. A lot of my belief outside myself is faith based. And while that’s my story, I know my process is applicable for those who choose a different belief outside of themselves (organization, charity, mission, company, etc.).

✓Find a Team

The step after committing was finding my team. After my time in the military I knew how critical a winning team was for success. Therefore, I recruited two women to walk alongside me in this next phase of life. My choice of women was very strategic. First, they had to be part of the company/mission/vision so they could intelligently speak to current events. The second piece was their heart and emotional intelligence. I asked to partner with two people who are more compassionate than myself, understand relationships well, and are careful with their word choices.

When you are choosing to change the world around you, break free from the mental prison you’ve been ensnared inside, it is key to surround yourself with people who will push you forward. Bring positive light and energy into your world. And be able to respond logically and compassionately during dark days. My team looked at me in my weakness and lifted me up, spoke life over my future, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward.

Do you have 2 or 3 people in your life who always have your back? Know how to encourage you? Maybe they don’t know anything about PTSD, that’s why the belief in something outside yourself is so key. You have common ground in *that* belief. In these relationships you can be pushed to grow more, try something new, and discover a new part of yourself (or one that has been locked away). We rarely discussed my PTSD. Our conversations involved our lives, goals, dreams and how we were navigating the world around us.

Today I encourage you to write a list of 2-5 people who you would like to have part of your journey.

Someone who inspires you to be greater, do more, and is a safe place. I would encourage you to pick someone who is positive. If you are still battling PTSD then you probably have enough negativity floating around in your head, no reason to add more to the conversation.

As I share my healing story I hope you will feel empowered. There is so much more to our lives and my mission is to help you unlock the future of possibility.

If this is your first time catching the series, please be sure to check out Previous Blog Articles to see the whole picture.


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